Several energy options exist

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or my humanities class I was asked to do research on a topic of my choosing.  I decided to research on energy and specifically renewable energy. I learned a lot about the new attempts and new ideas that we can use as viable ways to  replace the fossil fuel energy source, and I want to share my information  that I have found.
Our community in Los Alamos has been expanding in different sources of  energy. We have a new solar array at our middle school on North Mesa and we are even in the process of getting one around our dump near the lab and in a  nice open space with lots of sunlight able to be collected. This is one way that our community is making an impact on changing the energy source. This is only one alternitive and there are many more.
Another energy source that we could use and as a community support is water.  New ways that researchers are looking into is using the ocean for energy. There are three ways that we could use the ocean as an energy source. One way  is to use the tides. Tides rise and lower through the day we can use that as a way to make energy.
Another way is that we can use the ocean currents as a   way to make energy. We would use something like a wind turbine that constantly  generates energy. And finally waves are a way we can harness energy from the oceans.
Scott Newman
Los Alamos