A seventh-grader wins LAPS S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G bee

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By The Staff

Chamisa Elementary School hosted the annual county spelling bee Thursday, with Assistant Superintendent Kate Thomas helping pronounce words at the microphone.  

The Los Alamos Monitor and Sue Hofmann State Farm were the event sponsors for the evening, which also included several noteworthy names at the judge’s table.

Morrie Pongratz, Los Alamos Police Department’s Corporal Oliver Morris and Sue Hofmann were the panel of judges, while Megan Kelley served as an assistant and fifth-grade teacher Pat Roberts was the timekeeper.

The 15 entrants ranged from fourth- to eighth- grade students and represented four of the five elementary schools and included three students from the Los Alamos Middle School.

The majority of the 11 boys and four girls named math and science as their favorite subjects and their hobbies ran the gamut from swimming and rock collecting to music appreciation and video games.

The words received during the rounds are luck of the draw and come from a pre-selected list.

They included words like retrospective, burrito, alderman and more.

The evening ended with Los Alamos Middle School’s seventh-grade student Daniel Ahrens and his proper spelling of the word “martyr.”

Ahrens will now advance to the next level of the competition.