'Seven Psychopaths' an original comedy

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Owen Bradbury Aranda

Teen Pulse

What happens when a group of lunatics assemble and are incorporated in a ridiculous and comedic plot? The result is “Seven Psychopaths.” 

It has been a while since there has been a truly original film. It seems that these days, almost every new film that comes to the screen is either a remake, a sequel or an adaptation of a book. 

“Seven Psychopaths” is one of the most original films of the year. The flick manages to combine British comedic style with the American love of action and violence and put together a great, overall story. 

To make matters better, the film is incredibly well cast, featuring actors such as Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Academy Award winner Christopher Walken and the legendary Woody Harrelson. 

The combination of these great actors makes the film far better than the majority of conventional comedies. 

The blend of Rockwell’s hyperactivity and Walken’s classically creepy performance tie the movie together and make the seven psychopaths some of the best film characters of the year. 

The film’s clever and ironic humor, as well as its ridiculous over-the-top action/violence makes it hilariously well rounded. Writer director Martin McDonagh employs a similar style to that of his 2008 film, “In Bruges,” also starring Farrell, and is filled with awkward and funny moments that leave the viewer laughing. 

The plot of “Seven Psychopaths” is also very creative, fun and nonsensical. It is not everyday when a gangster lunatic goes on a killing spree to find his lost dog. 

The film is full of funny and ridiculous moments that will leave the viewer laughing, but as it is a dark comedy, it is definitely not suited for younger audiences or those who are squeamish about blood and nudity. 

Although the film can be somewhat crude at moments, what makes it special is its originality, great performances, cruel humor, comic violence and hilarious plot. 

Overall, this is a very good and original comedy. It is fresh and different from most blockbusters of the genre and is a great film for almost any occasion.