Serving on local T-Board is less than a thankless job

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At the risk of getting involved in another senseless debate, I admonish the Los Alamos Monitor for publishing childish letters intended to damage the enthusiasm of  our community volunteers.
Please let me remind the roundabout detractors that the Transportation Board  is a citizen advisory board of volunteers who give their time to serve the community.
They are not paid for their service yet they do their best to advise the county council on transportation issues in the community.
It is less than a thankless job. Some of the nastiest letters I have ever read have been directed at the Transportation Board.
All I can say is, “Shame on you for attacking our community service volunteers!”
If you feel so strongly about this issue, the Transportation Board is always looking for new members. Join the board and make this community stronger  instead of throwing stones from a safe distance.
It is easier to stay put than to move forward. Bravo to the Transportation Board for looking at all options for Trinity, not just a four-lane expressway through town.
And thank you, board members, for serving our community.

Lisa Dougherty
Los Alamos