Service sorely lacking at DMV offices

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By The Staff

My recent experience with the Department of Motor Vehicles makes me wonder if they even begin to understand service.

On July 28 I went in the afternoon to renew a car registration. A sign was posted that stated “system down no registration possible.”

I returned July 29 in both the morning and the afternoon and the sign was still posted.

Then July 29 I tried to do an online registration and after 15 minutes and answering several recorded questions I again was told by a recorded voice the system was down.

I returned July 30 and the sign was still posted. I asked when it would be up and was told they do not know.

While during this time I thought I would save time and called the local office number to determine system status, my call was immediately transferred to an 800 number and was told by a recording to look it up on a computer.

The DMV Web site stated the office was open and ready to offer service. As I stated, the system was still down when I arrived.

The DMV is a net revenue producer for the state and given the fact that state officials are complaining about how revenue is not meeting projections, one has to wonder how many state systems are down.

This complaint is not against the people that staff the office as I believe their hands are tied and are doing the best they can under very adverse circumstances.

The problem is the people in charge who do not have the ability to respond to problems and/or do not care.

It makes you wonder how state government can ever work if they cannot issue a simple car registrations after three days of trying ­— in person or online.


Melvin L McCorkle

White Rock