Separating fact and fiction

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It’s presidential election season and the rhetoric is ratcheting up.  And because of that, it’s important to get the facts and know exactly what the record is.  Far less important is what’s being said. . . .especially on the campaign trail.
Our president was out on the campaign trail last week on a so called “energy tour.”  He even stopped in my state of New Mexico, where he traveled to the tiny oil town of Maljamar to tout his accomplishments. . . .a slick political move because no one would expect a big crowd.  Had he gone elsewhere, the reception would’ve likely been rougher because the oil patch doesn’t like Barack Obama. . . .and they have every right to feel this way!
Gas prices are north of $4 a gallon and in all likelihood, these prices aren’t coming down soon. . . .and Barack Obama wants you to believe it’s the fault of the oil and gas industry. . . he’s just wrong, and his record confirms that.
Before I go further, at my house we compost and recycle everything, we’ve put a solar energy system on our barn, and we’ve put a windmill where we otherwise would’ve needed an electric pump. . . .I’m serious about green solutions. . . .and yes, I’m a Republican!
But I also haven’t lost my common sense. . . .it’s the president’s biased policies against oil and gas that’s hurt this country and helped drive up gas prices.
His administration has poured millions of our dollars down the drain attempting to incentivize alternative energy companies when the private sector should have been relied upon for that money. . . . .and his Secretary of Energy, who previously stated he wanted higher gas prices (to suppress demand)  appeared before a congressional committee this week and had the audacity to give himself an “A” for how they’ve handled things.
Tell this to the average working American who’s paying the real price for this administration’s arrogance!
Tune out the campaign rhetoric and focus on the Obama record. . . .and then apply common sense.  The election choice this November gets real easy.
Allen Weh


Blame Oil Speculaters

Mr Weh conveniently forgot to mention how Oil speculators figure into the puzzle of prices. President Obama does not set the prices as much as you would like to blame him for that. Republicans are scrambling to blame him for something as the economy continues to improve. Are we where we should be yet? No, but give the reigns to Romney and the middle class will become extinct. But, if you are a millionaire, Romney is your guy.