Sending prayers to Jurez Sunday

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By The Staff

Oftentimes when a disaster or catastrophe hits, people flock to the affected area to offer assistance and aid. The situation in Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, appears to have the opposite effect.

For instance, the amount of people who signed up to construct houses for families in need through the Gateway Mission Training Center, located in El Paso, Texas, has slowed to a trickle.

In the past, the Christian organization performed 15 building projects during the summer. Now, only one or two are performed.

As a result of fewer and fewer builds in  Juárez, Mexican employees working for Gateway have been laid off and more Juárez residents are not receiving help while the violence continues to fester.

This dire situation could turn anyone away from heading down to the Mexican city. Yet, the House of Hope Women, a group from the Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church that has built homes in Juárez for five years, are standing strong.

In fact, Cathy Walters, a member of House of Hope, said if the group’s annual house building trip to Juárez were to be held next week, they would go.

Additionally, the group and Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church are keeping Juárez alive in their hearts and minds through a special service at 5 p.m. Sunday at the church.

Walters said the service will include communion, music and prayers of peace and protection for Gateway and Juárez.

Walters said she wants to remind people “how important it is to pray, fervently and to not give up and not turn our backs on people.”

A potluck dinner will follow the service.

Members of the St. Bedes Episcopal Church in Santa Fe will attend the service.

Walters said St. Bedes introduced Trinity on the Hill to Gateway and its work in Juárez.

The work sounded appealing because construction experience is not necessary and Spanish skills are not needed.