Senators rebuff endorsement talk

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Election 2012: Semantics now at play in House race

By John Severance

In politics, sometimes an endorsement just isn’t an endorsement.


Apparently, that’s especially true of the two Democratic state senators, who voiced support for Rep. Jim Hall (R-Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Sandoval and Rio Arriba) in the House District 43 race against Stephanie Garcia Richard.

Hall’s campaign sent out a press release that said the following:

“Northern New Mexico’s State Senators Carlos Cisneros (District 6 — Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Taos) and Richard Martinez (District 5 — Los Alamos, Rio Arriba. and Santa Fe) support incumbent State Representative Jim Hall in his campaign for the State House of Representatives.

“During Hall’s first term in the state legislature Rep. Hall worked with both Senators Cisneros and Martinez, passing legislation to benefit New Mexico and the northern New Mexico region.

“Senator Richard Martinez said, ‘I worked with Jim Hall when he was a county councilor and now as a legislator.  If elected, he will do an outstanding job of representing Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico.’

“Both of these two senior members of the Senate worked will Rep. Hall in the legislature and for years prior through his service as Los Alamos County Councilor. Senator Cisneros had additional experience working with Representative Hall when he served the state government as a New Mexico Cabinet Secretary. Sen. Cisneros said “Los Alamos is lucky to have Jim Hall as their representative.”

When contacted Tuesday for comment, Cisneros and Martinez said they were not endorsing Hall in the race against Garcia Richard.

“Basically, I did not make an endorsement in that race and I typically do not endorse candidates,” said Cisneros, who acknowledged he has received some heat from fellow Democrats. “I said those things as a matter of respect for Jim Hall’s work in the community at a pre-session meeting with constituents at Fuller Lodge. But in no terms was that a political endorsement.”

“It’s different situation where you’re in a community meeting where you give kudos to a candidate as opposed to an outright endorsement.”

Martinez said in an email to the Los Alamos Monitor, “I have not endorsed anyone in that position. If you noticed, it says that I represent District 6, which includes Taos. I represent District 5 which is RA, LA, & SF counties,” Martinez said.

“Jim had asked me if he could use a quote for his literature, but I never gave him one. I am neither endorsing Jim nor Stephanie in this race, since neither one supported me in the primary election!”

Hall said, “The pressure of the party is having its effect.”

Hall said Martinez gave him the quote and “I have the quote in writing.”

Of Cisneros, Hall said, “he said it in a League of Women’s Voters meeting before the redistricting.”

Both Cisneros and Martinez, who represent Los Alamos County, are running unopposed in their state senate races.

And their support letters were removed from Hall's website today.

Jim Hall lacks integrity

Jim Hall released a "press release" which really was not a press release at all. In fact, it was designed to deceive. Why would he suddenly put out a press release that the 2 Democratic state senators supported his campaign? When you state that someone "supports you in your campaign", that DOES mean "endorse". BUT, it was a lie. Neither Martinez or Cisneros supports Jim for his first election. They support the Democrat, Stephanie Garcia Richard.Those words were intentionally meant to mean"endorsed". The fact that Mr. Hall did not use endorse is irrelevant. The purpose was clear. It is now even more obvious that Stephanie Garcia Richard is the person to trust, the person who has integrity, the person who has fought fairly in this election, and the person who does not have PAC money from oil and gas in Artesia (wonder what they want in return for the money they are spending?) sending out partial truths in the last two mailings.

Interestingly he put the same information on his website. He meant to deceive. He has shown his true colors. I do not believe I can trust this man.


Petty Politics From Jim Hall

If Mr.Hall would have been more honest in his wording, this fiasco would not have happened. Mr. Hall is not a rookie, he claims to have a lot of experience being in the public eye. Therefore, we know how he was trying to frame this. He has taken down the "press release stating support from Democratic Senators" from his website. Why? Because it was not true.