Senators angle for more WIPP funding

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Politics > Udall, Heinrich write letter to Obama

By The Staff

New Mexico’s two U.S. senators want President Barack Obama to change his proposed budget to ensure that there’s money for work needed at the federal government’s underground nuclear waste repository in Carlsbad.
Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich announced Wednesday that they’re urging Obama to present Congress with an amendment to his proposed budget.
The two New Mexico Democrats said Obama needs to ensure that there’ll be funding to implement recommendations of investigative panels.
The Senators wrote in a letter to the President, “Though a preliminary recovery plan for WIPP has been discussed with our offices, an official position from the Administration and the DOE has not been provided to Congress. As Congressional committees begin work on the FY15 appropriations bills, to ensure transparency we believe a revised budget justification that addresses all critical needs for recovery of WIPP should be completed and an amended budget request submitted to Congress as soon as possible.”