Selznick announces new director

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There is breaking news regarding the stalled “Gone with the Wind” film production. After several days and hoping to expedite matters, producer David O. Selznick has emerged from his office with another dramatic announcement. 

In a surprising move, Selznick announced that he is removing renowned director Victor Fleming from the “The Wizard of Oz” film project and appointed him the new director of “Gone with the Wind.” This move has generally come as a surprise to industry insiders, as “The Wizard of Oz” has only two weeks left in production. Selznick’s motivations behind Fleming’s removal and re-appointment remain unclear.

Fleming is best known for his direction of “Treasure Island” (1934), “Captains Courageous” (1938), and “Test Pilot” (1939), and is widely regarded as a solid choice for direction of the unwieldy and delay-plagued “Gone with the Wind” production. Besides his considerable
credentials, Fleming is also known for his legendary temper. During the “Wizard of Oz” production, the director became notorious after slapping young actress Judy Garland in the face in response to a “giggle fit.”

Despite the announcement, the “Gone with the Wind” production appears to have made little overall progress, and Selznick made no statement regarding the resumption of filming or the hiring of a writer to replace the dismissed Sidney Howard. Rumors abound, however. An unidentified “older, short man” was recently reported entering Selznick International Studios, though this individual was not present at the producer’s later announcement regarding Fleming’s appointment. At press time, the possible identity of any potential replacement writer remains unknown, despite increasing speculation within the film industry.

Even as some measure of progress in “Gone with the Wind” have become apparent, the clock continues to tick as Selznick International Studios bleeds a staggering amount of money. Further updates on this continuing story will be published as they are made available beginning on Feb. 24 and 27.

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