Screaming for ice cream? Daniel’s Cafe to satisfy the demand

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By Kirsten Laskey

An landmark event occurred 50 years ago – at least to dessert enthusiasts – Häagen Dazs ice cream was born.  

When a brand of ice cream is created, it calls for a celebration. Therefore, Daniel’s Café is hosting its free scoop night in celebration of Häagen Dazs’ 50th anniversary from 4-8 p.m. Tuesday.

This event is not just about the delicious taste found in an icy cold scoop of ice cream, it’s an opportunity to meet different community entities that serve Los Alamos.

The Los Alamos Police Department, the Los Alamos Fire Department and the Los Alamos Recreation Division are bringing their engines, cars, bomb squad truck and personnel to Daniel’s Café.

Dan Sena, owner of Daniel’s Café described the event as a nice family outing. Plus, it kicks off the ice cream eating season.

“It’s just a blast,” he said.

The event has occurred for 10 years but this is  the second year Häagen Dazs has been the featured brand of ice cream.

The fire department has participated in this event for three years.

Fire Marshal Mike Thompson said a fire engine will be at the scene for public viewing  and firefighters will pose  for pictures with the public, which will be printed and distributed on site.

“It’s just an opportunity for us to meet and greet with the community,” Thompson said. “I guess it’s been built over years (and) everybody has a good time. (Firefighters) have a good time interacting with the public.”

Plus, the event helps keep fire safety on people’s radar.

In addition to the fire engines, the community can take a look at the Los Alamos Police Department’s bomb squad truck and a patrol car. Lt. Scot tMills added the department’s robots and other equipment will also be out for show.

“It’s always a lot of fun for us to spend time with the kids and show them our equipment and how it works,” he said. “They always get a kick out of it.”

The Los Alamos Recreation Division is making its debut at the event. Dianne Marquez, recreation manager, commented that the recreation division will have its tent out at the event and will provide materials to promote the division’s summer activities  and programs. Plus, there will be balloons and face painting.

“(We’re) looking forward to being a part of the event because it is such a great event,” Marquez said.

Plus, “Dan is such a great supporter of the community we like to go out and support him, too.”

About 2,000 people usually show up to the event, Sena said.

And it’s not just the community that looks forward to it.

Thompson commented the fire department participates in a lot of events but this is one of their favorites.

“Maybe it’s the ice cream, I don’t know,” he joked.