School bond vote important decision

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By Ralph Damiani

There is a very important debate going on in our community right now. And it centers around all of the basis of society, taxes, youth, the world today and the future.


It’s not an easy discussion. It is often hard to look too far ahead when you can barely pay today’s bills. It is hard to discuss what things will be like in 10 years when you’re not sure how you will get though this one.


And both sides of this discussion have good points.


It is very true that the school district is asking for a lot. A property tax hike of some 30 percent is not a small matter. And while given our average level of income, $15 to $75 a month more in taxes seems small, it does add up as this is an increase, not the whole tax.


School Board President Steve Girrens was right when he said that there is never a good time for tax hikes but there are bad times. And this is a bad time. There is universal uncertainty and it looks like we will be facing a very serious recession this year.


This is a hard sell and the timing could not be worse.


However, at the end of the day we think we have to ask ourselves do we vote our hopes or our fears? And if we are really in a recession, what is the best way to bet out of it?


It seems to us an educational system that produces well educated and trained people is a pretty good start.


It may be better to wait on this tax increase. It may be. But you can almost always say that and at some point you have to bite the bullet, as they say.


That time is now.


As many issues as we have, there is no debate our schools are in very sad shape. As many concerns as we have, there is no doubting that this work needs to be done.


So given all the pros and cons, we simply think that waiting on this now does more harm. It is time to move ahead and vote for the future, to vote for hope.


We urge you to vote yes on the school bond issue.