School bond very important

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

To my fellow residents of Los Alamos:  I have learned that there will be a bond election in January to build new school space for the Los Alamos School District.  It is very important to generate additional funding to replace facilities in the district. 

I know other bond issues have previously been put in place, but the money raised was restricted in its use. The last new school built was Chamisa Elementary in 1968; other buildings date back to the original founding of LANL.  Many of you attended Los Alamos Schools and you know that the physical plant of the district has significant problems. 

Although the teachers and staff of the district are skilled and talented, and reflect the value our citizens place on excellence in education, the physical setting in our schools doesn’t reflect that opinion.  Some of us know that Los Alamos pays a very low overall tax rate, 31st of 36 counties in New Mexico. 

If we pass this bond, the state of New Mexico can match part of our funds, leveraging our money and increasing its effectiveness. This is the way other districts in the state, such as Pojoaque and Rio Rancho, have improved their facilities.  A small amount of sacrifice on our parts can make a huge improvement in the facilities that serve our students. 

Keeping our school system functioning well makes a huge impact on how successful the lab and other employers are, in recruiting great staff for ongoing projects. Don’t let our city lose out to other recruiters and employers in the country. 

Let’s stay a first-rate place to live and work, rather than losing ground to others.  Ballots for this bond election will be mailed out in January, and in order to be eligible to vote, you must be registered by Dec. 30. Please make the effort to support this funding for our schools and our community.

Los Alamos