School Board tackles district requests

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By Jennifer Garcia

School board members had a full agenda Thursday night at the Los Alamos Schools special board meeting and work session.

At the top of the list was a resolution recognizing partnership between the Los Alamos Public School District and Los Alamos County. The resolution passed unanimously.

The resolution states that the Board of Education of the Los Alamos Public School District, County of Los Alamos, State of New Mexico: Asserts that the Schools Bond Election must pass and that the school tax rate must be maximized to support capital-renewal projects for our schools.

And will aggressively develop and use our tangible resources to their greatest potential in order to secure the revenue needed to achieve our goal of being a premier school district; and further affirms that is must identify opportunities to partner with the County to secure alternative revenue for the schools.

Also, a copy of the revised resolution regarding support of the County was provided to each Board member for review.

The resolution came out of the joint school district and county meetings. The group agreed that the taxpayers must take care of the schools by supporting the bond.

After the county council and school board elections, the new council and board will continue to work together using the background work of this group. The amended resolution will be put on the September regular School Board meeting agenda for approval.

The school board also addressed Judge Alan Kirk’s, chair of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, request for support of JJAB in the amount of $10,000.

The board decided that the district would provide support for this request by paying invoices from JJAB for reimbursement for programs.

In addition, a parking lot resolution was passed unanimously that would enable the district to participate in a program of the Transportation Department for partial funding for parking lot projects.

The board also reviewed a timeline for approval of the Trinity Development Project documents and set an executive session to review the final documents with the district’s attorney on Tuesday.

David and Gillian Sutton again presented a proposal to the school board to lease one acre of land in order to place a 75-foot antenna for their local radio channel, KRSN 1490AM.

The Suttons provided Google maps of all the possible locations on school district property. Their first choice is near the ball fields on North Mesa, but closer to the center of the area.

The district will now have to get appraisal and check zoning for this area. After that, they can begin negotiations of the amount of rent for the one-acre antenna.

In addition, the first reading of Policy: 4115 evaluation  licensed personnel  was approved unanimously, with a slight change in wording.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Mary McLeod presented an update on the Adequate Yearly Progress for LAPS.

She reviewed the history of AYP as part of the No Child Left Behind Act, and any problems encountered by the school district with this measurement. Dr. McLeod told the Board that this is the first time that four schools did not make AYP.

She also reported that she would prepare a press release specific to LAPS and AYP for the district website and distribution to the newspaper.