School board should keep eye on the ball

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I read, with concern, the article in Sunday’s Los Alamos Monitor, titled “School board to consider gun resolution.” Mr. Langenbrunner tried to convince the board to endorse his view on gun control, citing health and safety of our children as the motivation. He gave interesting, and questionable, statistics related to our children and firearm injury, with emphasis on suicide.
From there he went way off in the weeds with a suggestion that the board voice support for background checks for gun purchases and a ban on semi-automatic firearms. Wow, what logic! Background checks are already done on the vast majority of gun sales. Besides that, Mr. Langenbrunner had already stated that the guns he’s worried about come from the home, not purchases by our youth. Firearms in the home should be stored safely, not unlike the keys to the family automobile. Additional background checks will not change the availability of firearms to our youth. As far as banning semi-automatic firearms, that represents most modern firearms and has nothing to do with their danger. Revolvers or bolt-action rifles present the same danger.
Mr. Langenbrunner urges the board to support programs on “gun safety, gun violence and gun prevention.” Gun prevention? There’s the bottom line. He wants to prevent us from owning firearms! As far as gun safety, our local Sportsman’s Club has many NRA certified firearms instructors and works diligently to educate our youth, as well as the rest of us, on firearm safety. They’re far more qualified to provide that education than our public school system.
Mr. Langenbrunner then goes into a unintelligible tirade about mental illness and drugs and tries to tie that to the gun shows put on by the Sportsman’s Club. If there’s a connection, I fail to see it.
Board member Honnell questioned whether the school board is commissioned to be a spokesman to take a stand against the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Right on! The school board is commissioned to oversee public education in our community. Not go off in the weeds taking political stands on tramping on our Constitutional rights!
Mr. Langenbrunner stated that this was a matter of freedom of speech. Certainly it is Mr. Langenbrunner’s right to voice his opinion about gun control. It is not the right of the school board to parrot that opinion unless they do it as individuals. As a board, the First Amendment has nothing to do with what they’re commissioned to do.
I applaud board member Hall for questioning all but the educational aspects of the proposed resolution and, as I’ve stated, that is better addressed by our Sportsman’s Club.
David F. Jones
Los Alamos