School board passes several policies

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By Carol A. Clark

A number of policies were unanimously passed at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

Policiy1340 – School Building Names allows local schools to be given names compatible with and reflective of the environment and culture of New Mexico. Individual school buildings should have descriptive titles, and the change to this policy approved Tuesday is that it may now include the name of a person who is presently living or is deceased.

The person must be or have been someone directly or personally involved with the individual school or considered worthy of recognition by the students and community.

Policy 3250 – Fees Materials allows the superintendent to set appropriate fees for materials used by students in Los Alamos Public Schools courses.

Policy 3326 – Bills states that it shall be the responsibility of the school board to ratify or disapprove the superintendent’s payment of the bills of the school system, through cash disbursements. The superintendent is authorized to approve these cash disbursements prior to a board meeting.

The superintendent may utilize an electronic signature system in paying these bills. However, the bills shall be presented to the board within one month, at a regular meeting for formal action and entry into the minutes.

Policy 3327 – Signing of Checks requires the school board president and secretary to sign all checks, using the LAPS electronic signature process, for the expenditure of funds included in the annual approved LAPS budget. Also, checks for disbursement of auxiliary funds are signed by the administrator responsible for those funds.

The final policy approved at Tuesday’s meeting is Policy 3440 –

Inventories, which the board approved increasing the minimum cost from $1,000 to $5,000 or more for which a physical inventory of equipment be maintained in accordance with state statutes. Also, the inventory must serve both the functions of control and conservation.

Just prior to the school board meeting, board member Thelma Hahn attended the E-Wing makeover open house at Los Alamos High School and expressed delight at what had been accomplished. “It’s very impressive what they’ve done and especially what the volunteers have done from Kiwanis,” Hahn said.

Board Secretary Jody Benson agreed saying, “We are very impressed and want everyone involved to know that,” she said.

Board member Melanie McKinley suggested the school board officially recognize the “outstanding project and people involved" as a future agenda item, to which the entire board agreed.

Board President Joan Ahlers was absent from Tuesday's meeting.

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