Scholarships inch students closer to goals

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By Special to the Monitor

Los Alamos High School senior Emma Carroll has clear goals. “With the skills I’ll acquire in medical school, I plan to serve underprivileged areas of the United States and abroad,” she said.


With a scholarship from the Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund (LAESF), Carroll’s goal is one step closer to fruition.

Los Alamos High School students Miles Carlsten, Kathy Lin, Katherine Rooney, Sandra Zerkle, Bryn Smith, Patricia Stan, Jenny Tumas, John Sarracino and Matt Whicker are other recipients of the LAESF for 2010. In total, 53 students from across New Mexico received a scholarship from LAESF.

Robert Deburlo, a student at Taos High School, is among those who received a scholarship. He too aspires to become a doctor. “Becoming a doctor will allow me to give back to a world that has provided an abundance of opportunities to me,” he said. Deburlo wants to “join Doctors Without Borders, and go wherever the need is greatest.”

Additionally, Paulina Naranjo, a Bronze Award winner from McCurdy High School, exemplifies the thinking behind helping students further their education. While LAESF provides New Mexico students with the funds required to build their careers, it also inspires scholarship recipients to nurture the dreams of future generations.

“My aspiration is to one day come back to my pueblo community and use what I have learned in college to help my people,” Naranjo said. “I feel that I can be a positive role model for the youth of my pueblo by showing them that college can be a goal that they can also achieve.”

Susan Herrera, CEO of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, said, “These young New Mexicans show so much promise in their academics and their future careers in science, medicine and engineering. The LAESF Board is proud to be able to recognize them and offer scholarships.”

“The exorbitant costs of top colleges and universities make it very difficult for students to move on after high school in their academic careers,” Herrera said.

“LAESF takes New Mexico’s students a few steps closer to realizing their goals, which in the end benefits our state as a whole. If our families cannot afford higher education at top schools around the country, where will we find the doctors, scientists and professionals of the future?”

The LAESF has helped more than 500 Northern New Mexico students realize their college dreams. The Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students pursuing higher degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.