SBDC, LACDC combine forces

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The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UNM-Los Alamos, and the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation (LACDC) have collaborated on a new, more efficient business model, for the delivery of small business assistance services in Los Alamos.
Previously, the SBDC was operated by the LACDC in downtown Los Alamos. As of January 1, 2013, the SBDC is now operating under a contract with UNM-LA. To ensure a smooth transition during this time, the LACDC continued to offer its business assistance services until the SBDC was settled in its new space.
The SBDC is now located in a fully staffed office on the UNM-LA campus and provides business assistance services for entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and existing small businesses in Los Alamos. Included in the list of services offered by the SBDC are business plan development, accounting, finance, technology, training, marketing, government procurement, e-commerce, social media, legal structures, and research.
In the future, the LACDC will refer any of those clients in need of business assistance services to the SBDC. The LACDC will now focus on developing a “hybrid business incubator” for small businesses in Los Alamos. This business incubator will be an entrepreneurial resource center to test the delivery and coordination and assembly of core entrepreneurial services in a virtual context.
For more information about starting or expanding a small business, please contact Ted Lopez at the Small Business Development Center at UNM Los Alamos at 662-0337 or email tedlopez@unm.edu.
For information on the development and test of the virtual business incubator, contact Scott Randall, Executive Director of LACDC at 661-4854 or by email at scott@losalamos.org.