Saving Diane Denish

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By The Staff

It’s presumptuous of me, a lifelong Republican, to offer advice to the Democrats, but I’m also a bit of a non-partisan political junkie and enjoy good analysis regardless of affiliation. So this is my good analysis.

They may not want to admit it, but the Democrats in New Mexico have some problems. Republicans not only smell blood; they can taste it. All they have to say is ethics, and voters pay attention. Everyone knows which party is rife with ethical problems (for now).

And let’s be honest, the unindicted albatross in the Democratic party is the governor, Bill Richardson. We all know that the Republicans are going to run against Richardson-Denish just as the Democrats ran against Bush-McCain.

It wasn’t fair to McCain; isn’t fair to Denish.

But all’s fair in politics (sadly), and so I’m going to offer my advice to the Democrats, advice that might let them keep the governor’s office for another four years. James Carville would charge you a million dollars for this. I’m giving it to Democrats for free.

Bill Richardson must resign immediately.

That would make Lt.-Gov. Denish the governor. She would be completely divorced from Richardson; she would be her own woman. No more albatross. With Richardson gone, she could make policies that would clearly be hers and would clearly separate her from Richardson.

Richardson has nothing to gain by completing his term. He’s the George Bush of New Mexico and I don’t see what he can do to reverse that in the little time remaining.

But in the little time remaining, Denish could lay down her own markers and mute – or at least mitigate — Republican campaign rhetoric about her ethics.

Let the games begin.

R. Thomas Berner

Santa Fe