Save the Devaney Trail

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

My friend Joe recently died. He built my favorite trail - one that gets me quickly from my home in the Western Area to my job at the lab. The day after he died, I'm invited to tour this trail with some county officials and a friend - a "concerned citizen," who wants to know exactly where the new bypass road will go and how it will affect this trail.

I walk down the path and meet them in the parking lot of the ice-skating rink. We ascend the trail slowly. There are seven of us: three "officials" and four "concerned citizens." We joke about Joe and all of his stories about his trail - where he saw the bear, etc. As he got older he repeated himself continuously.

Joe is dead now from Alzheimer's. He died three days after his wife Marge succumbed to cancer, each slipping into a coma on the same day, unbeknownst to the other.

A two-lane highway with eight-foot paved shoulders will obliterate the trail. I'm depressed and need to tell the world to stop this folly before it's too late. To lose two treasures at once is too much.

Andi Kron

Los Alamos