Sandra Jeff to run as Libertarian for sec. of state

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By The Staff

Former New Mexico State Rep. Sandra Jeff announced late Thursday her intention to run for secretary of state on the Libertarian Party ticket.

“It is time for candidates that are about making life better for New Mexicans, not about following party dogma,” Jeff said in a release.

Sandra went on to discuss that she “is switching parties and looking to run for secretary of state to fight the corruption in Santa Fe so that New Mexico has a new horizon to look to.”

In 2016, Jeff ran as Democrat in the state senate race for District 22. She was defeated in the June 7 primary.

Prior to that, Jeff served in the New Mexico House of Representatives, District 5, (representing McKinley and San Juan counties) from 2009 to 2014.

In 2014, during her bid for re-election, Jeff was taken off the primary ballot because she did not have enough valid signatures, according to a state district court judge. The New Mexico Supreme Court upheld the state court ruling.

She then ran in the general election as a write in candidate, but was defeated by Doreen Johnson.

She is the second Libertarian candidate to declare a spot on the Libertarian ticket.

Lloyd Princeton, an Albuquerque business consultant, announced Jan. 8 his candidacy as a Libertarian for the First Congressional District in New Mexico.