Sanchez faces charges from accident on N.M. 502

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Vehicle plunged off Anderson Overlook cliff in August 2014

By Tris DeRoma

Zachary Sanchez, the Los Alamos resident who was in a car accident in August near Anderson Overlook, has been indicted by a Santa Fe County Grand Jury for allegedly causing the accident.
On Aug. 25, 2014, police responded to reports of a maroon Nissan Sentra traveling eastbound on N.M. 502 before driving off a cliff near Anderson Overlook, near mile marker 5. At the bottom of the cliff, rescuers found Sanchez, 30, and Andrea Harvier, 31 both injured.
According to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Sanchez sustained injuries and Harvier sustained critical injuries. Harvier was found outside the vehicle in a barely conscious state while Sanchez was found inside the vehicle with his seatbelt on.
According to court records, Sanchez initially said that Harvier was driving the vehicle and not him. Both survived the accident.
Sanchez has been charged with great bodily injury by vehicle, driving while intoxicated and driving while license revoked.
The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has not charged Harvier with anything.
During an initial examination of evidence at the scene, sheriff’s deputies determined that it was Sanchez who was driving and not Harvier. Deputies also took DNA samples from both victims at the scene of the accident, to further determine who was sitting where in the car.
During an interview with deputies shortly after the accident, Sanchez told deputies that Harvier had been “acting crazy” lately, and when they were driving up N.M. 502 she suddenly grabbed the wheel and said “I want to end our lives.” Deputies noted at the time that Sanchez appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. He told one of the deputies that he consumed two “shots” of vodka earlier in the day.
Sanchez is due to be arraigned in Santa Fe District Court April 10. A jury trial is scheduled for September.