San I housing project

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By Arin McKenna

 Pueblo of San Ildefonso tribal leaders join with congressional representatives and other V.I.P.s to break ground for Deer Tail Vista, a new affordable housing development at Pueblo de San Ildefonso.
The Northern Pueblos Housing Authority project is a collaboration involving Pueblo leaders and residents, local, state and federal agencies and technical experts from the private sector. Gov. Terry Aguilar recognized the many individuals and agencies that had worked together since 2006 to make the project a reality.
“It’s our responsibility to take care of the younger ones, and also take care of the older ones,” Aguilar said. “I think that’s what we’re doing now.”
Ten 1,450-square-foot, three-bedroom homes–the first new homes built at the Pueblo in 10 years–constitute the first phase of a long-term vision to develop Pueblo de San Ildefonso.