Sad to see flowers moved, rock painted over

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I am the aunt of Nikolas Ventura- Arencon. It deeply saddens me to see that someone took down all the flowers and repainted the “Rock” in White Rock. I am only writing this to make a point, that I find it horribly disgusting for someone to remove the flowers that were left. I understand that other important messages, like birthday announcements are nice to put on the rock for all of White Rock and LA citizens to see, but I found it sad at the same time. We lost Nik and my family is very much still mourning our loss. I don’t expect any one to care or to do anything about this, but I was hoping that students and friends of Nik could repaint the rock for the holiday season for my sister Jennifer to see.
There were so many sweet messages to our family and to Nik on that rock, we just weren’t expecting it to be covered so soon.
Sincerely grateful for all the kind people in Jennifer’s community,
Rianne Herrera