Running: Weeks is the best Pace Race predictor

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By The Staff

Bob Weeks was the top predictor at this week’s Pace Race.
The Pace Race, a weekly event sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners, was held Tuesday at Piñon Park. Tuesday’s race featured a staggered start, where slower predictors started ahead of faster predictors.
Weeks, on the 1-mile course, missed his prediction by just two seconds. Weeks needed the good prediction, however, as Jackie Marr (three seconds), Ted Romero (three seconds) and Daren Jones (four seconds) were immediately behind him.
The next Pace Race will be Tuesday. That race will start at the roundabout on Diamond Drive.
For more information about the next race, call 662-2856. For information about the Atomic City Roadrunners, visit www.atomicrunners.com.