Running: Romero wins weekly pace race

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By The Staff

Ted Romero was the big winner at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ pace race.

The Roadrunners’ annual Lollipop Race was held Tuesday in and around Rendija and Bayo Canyons.

Romero, running on the 3-mile course, finished with a prediction error of just four seconds, just topping Michael Jablin’s prediction error of seven seconds. Rowen Castua was the top predictor on the 1-mile course, missing his finish time by 15 seconds.

On the short course, Alexander Romero was the fastest finisher, coming in at 7:41. Hailey McDowell was the top female finisher with her time of 13:26.

On the long course, Jablin finished with a time of 22:33, while Sarah Kratzer led all women with her time of 30:25.

The next pace race will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday. That race will start at American Spring Road.

For more information about that race, call 672-1639 or visit www.atomicrunners.com on the Internet.