Running: Daniel Romero leads pace racers

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By Mike Cote

Daniel Romero was a double-winner on the short course at this week’s Atomic City Roadrunners’ pace race.

The pace race was held Tuesday on the roads in Pajarito Acres.

Romero finished the 1-mile course 7:23 and missed his predicted finish time by just 7 seconds.

On the 2.8-mile course, Roy Cope was just 5 seconds off his predicted finish time, followed by Alex Romero (7 seconds) and Katie Bridgewater (17 seconds).

The fastest finisher on the long course was Alex Romero (18:32) and Ruth Kratzer (23:54).

Elyse Phillips was the fastest female on the short course, finishing in 11:16. Noah Bridgewater and Emma Phillips were 28 seconds off their predicted finish time.

The next pace race will be held Tuesday. The New Pipeline Gutbuster will start at the corner of Brisa de Bosque and and Quemazon Road.

For more information about next week’s race, call 662-4107.