A rundown of other Bandelier cutbacks

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By Arin McKenna

• The visitor center will maintain winter hours year-round, closing at 4:30 p.m.

• Placing a ranger at the White Rock Visitor Center to provide information for visitors waiting for the shuttle cannot be implemented.

• The number of ranger-led tours will be reduced.

• Las Conchas fire recovery efforts will be impacted, especially trail repair. “We’re not going to have the trail crews here this summer to work on the trail recovery,” Bandelier Superintendent Jason Lott said.

• Maintenance staff faces furloughs, reducing custodial hours. Lott is channeling their efforts to the visitor center, but restrooms will be cleaned once daily and not touched up during the day. Administrative staff will also be cleaning their offices in addition to their regular duties.

• Lott may move Night Walks from Wednesday and to Friday, replacing one of the campfire programs that usually occur on Friday and Saturday.

•As a last resort, campgrounds may have to be closed due to lack of staff to maintain them.

•Replacing a tower and repairing an antiquated radio system is also on hold.

• An archival film project will be postponed.