RSD awareness

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By Desiree Martinez and Anisa Gomez

Relex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or Regional Pain Syndrome, is a rare disease that not many people know about.
The mother of Amber Cline, a student at Los Alamos Middle School, suffers from this rare disease.


Teen Pulse: What is RSD?
Cline: RSD is a chronic disease that affects the sympathetic nerve, causing pain throughout the body. lt also sends a misfire to the brain, spreading pain.

Teen Pulse: How does it affect your everyday life?
Cline: This limits everyday activities. You’re not able to do things most people are able to do.

Teen Pulse: Is there a cure for RSD?
Cline: Not exactly. At early stages, stem cells can be placed in your spinal cord to reset it, but it doesn’t always work.

Teen Pulse: What causes it?
Cline: Sympathetic nerve misfires.

Teen Pulse: What things does RSD make harder to do?
Cline: When you’re injured, you aren’t able to heal. The limbs you use the most will be affected the most.

Teen Pulse: What are the most common symptoms with RSD?
Cline: After a few weeks of injury, it will become red and puffy.

Teen Pulse: Is there anything about RSD that you’d like people to know?
Cline: RSD is a serious condition among many people in the United States.

Teen Pulse: Can RSD spread to different parts of your body?
Cline: Yes, RSD can spread.

Teen Pulse: Is this life-threatening?
Cline: Yes, RSD is life-threatening.

Teen Pulse: What are some sacrifices you’ve had to make?
Cline: I have to plan my day around my mother, and have to be prepared for the unexpected.
For more information visit rsds.org.