Rowing in same direction

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Economic tumult – gas pump, real estate, recession, gnashing political teeth and all – has taken its toll on Los Alamos County homeowners, customers and local businesses alike.  

Talk about being in the same boat! – this boat ride is no joke for any of us.

Retail in Los Alamos of course has never been exactly a ride on a cupcake.

And in just three months the voyage has caused many of us to start taking on serious water.

So we seriously submit that the time to re-strengthen the existing county retail sector has, frankly, arrived for certain.

The right time – the most critical time of all – to use local stores and restaurants has arrived.

It is time to make that “MUTUALITY” connection: how one hand does indeed rub the other. A better tax base still makes a better community. A top-drawer relationship with  local business still yields kind and generous support for the entire community of local organizations.

It’s the wisdom of rowing generally in the same direction, whatever the weather.

So may we all greet the season ahead with personal energy and an enthused recognition of this decidedly clear fact: now is the right time – the most critical time of all.

With thanks for your understanding, your friendship and for shopping with us.

Dave Fox

Los Alamos