Roadwork safety calls for cooperation

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By Khalil J. Spencer

Caroline Spaeth (“Road Work a Hazard to Pedestrians”) is correct to point out the need to ensure pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the construction zones along Diamond Drive.

We certainly expect the county and the contractor to ensure all efforts are made to manage this project as safely as possible.

However, her letter concerns me in its one notable omission: among comments asking the county or contractor to do something to counter the perception of an unsafe situation, there is not one comment holding motorists accountable to drive more slowly, alertly and safely in what is quite obvious to any driver a complicated construction zone, which must be navigated carefully.

Furthermore, there is no request in her letter asking motorists to pause and yield to others trying to navigate this difficult passage.

Fortunately, I think most, if not all, actually do that anyway.

As anyone with a map can attest, there is little available space to expand bike and pedestrian access in many parts of the continually morphing construction zone.

Due to our short construction season, it is also important to work as efficiently as possible to get this project done before school starts and the cold weather closes down paving activity.

Concluding a safe construction season will therefore require more than efforts by the county project manager or construction company to accommodate non-motorists, but rather require that motorists cooperate with each other, construction crews, bicyclists and pedestrians so we all can get through safely.  

From my vantage point on most days, that is by and large happening as this community realizes the constraints on this project as well as the need to get it done safely and efficiently.

Let’s stay on that course and get it done.

The last two things we need are either to have the project drag into the winter or to immediately have to memorialize it with Descansos.

Khalil J. Spencer

Los Alamos