Roadwork a hazard to pedestrians

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By The Staff

I am writing because I am very concerned about pedestrian and bicyclist safety on Diamond Drive.

The increased amount of roadwork in numerous areas along the road is making it very difficult or nearly impossible to walk or ride a bike safely away from car traffic from the Los Alamos Canyon bridge past the high school and up past North Road.

Even the sidewalks are impassible along this route, and in one instance, we are instructed to cross the road at Canyon to use the sidewalk by the high school, then instructed to cross back (one block later!)  where there is no crosswalk or traffic light.

Car traffic makes this crossing impossible.

The only other option is to go through Sullivan Field parking lot, which is filled with huge construction vehicles with limited sight distance.

And now the sidewalks in front of Metzger’s Mobile are blocked off, forcing walkers and cyclists to weave through cars at the gas station.

I understand the project will ultimately make the road safer for both cyclists and pedestrians, but that goal is lost if someone gets injured, or worse, killed, because there is no safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways or sidewalks.

Plus, it’s summer and there are more kids out and about. These unsafe construction zones put them at an increased risk of accident.

Can’t the County work with the project manager to improve this area and create safer routes to get through this construction?

I would hate to see the County have to do something after a tragic accident, rather than act now to prevent that very thing.

Caroline Spaeth

Los Alamos