Reward offered for shoplifters

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Knowledge about a pair of shoplifters at Smith’s Marketplace on Dec. 3 could bring in some extra cash for the person who reports them.

The Los Alamos Police Department is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the arrest of the man and woman who left the store without paying for several items. Cameras also caught their vehicle, a white sedan, police said.

Anyone with information about the pair should call Los Alamos Crimestoppers at (505) 662-8282. Persons may remain anonymous.

Unlike many other communities in New Mexico, Los Alamos’ commercial centers don’t see an escalation of shoplifting or other types of theft related to busy or distracted shoppers, said LAPD Commander Oliver Morris.

The population in Los Alamos, while the public schools and Los Alamos National Laboratory close during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, usually drops substantially.

With fewer people around, some types of crime, such as shoplifting, are more difficult to pull off.

This year, the highest number of larcenies in Los Alamos occurred in August, with 12 reported. Without numbers yet reported for November and December not over, Morris said it is likely that the number of larcenies reported to police may be less than 100.

Larceny in Los Alamos has declined in the past several years, dropping below 200 in 2012, although other types of crime, such as robbery and assault, seems to have increased this year, Morris said.

So far, Los Alamos has seen a stabbing and three robberies, including an armed bank robbery and a case of two men who allegedly attempted to run over a police officer while they were fleeing the scene of a reported shoplifting incident.

Still, residents should stay vigilant during the holidays, Morris said.