Revised Strategic Leadership Plan proposal

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Economic Vitality
Financial Sustainability/Economic Vitality
• Promote a strong and diverse economic base through support of the current business base, recruiting additional businesses and encouraging new business growth.
• Collaborate with Los Alamos National Laboratory as the area’s number one employer, and support associated spinoff businesses.
• Significantly improve the quantity and quality of retail and tourism business.
•Revitalize and eliminate blight in the downtown areas of Los Alamos and White Rock.
•Manage commercial growth while foll owing an updated, concise, and consistent comprehensive plan.
Quality of Life
•Support the objective of Los Alamos Pu blic Schools of ranking in the top 100 public schools in the nation.
• Support the development of quality primary, secondary, career and life-long educational institutions.
Quality Cultural and Recreational Amenities
• Market and brand Los Alamos as a scenic destination featuring recreation, science and history.
• Implement a comprehensive recreational and cultural plan that includes a range of amenities that support all segments of the Los Alamos community
Environmental Stewardship
• Enhance environmental quality and sustainability balancing costs and benefits.
• Improve transportation and mobility.
• Promote the creation of a variety of housing options for all segments of the Los Alamos community
• Promote maintenance and enhancement of housing stock quality.
• Support development of affordable workforce housing.
Quality Governance
Operational Excellence
• Maintain quality essential services and supporting infrastructure.
• Invest in staff development to create a high performing organization.
• Create a communication process that provides measurable improvement in citizen trust in government.
• Improve transparency in policy setting and implementation.
Intergovernmental Relations
•Strengthen coordination and cooperation between county government, LANL, and the regional and national partners.