Review: No twist in the tide for newest 'Pirates' movie

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Just when you thought the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies were over, the fourth installment of the popular Disney pirate series hits the big screen.
Jerry Bruckheimer produces the movie as he did with the previous three. Changes in the movie include the absence of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley’s characters, and the replacement of Gore Verbinski, who directed the first three pirate movies, with Rob Marshall (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Annie”).     
“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” follows Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp (“Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” “Secret Window”) on a quest to find the famed fountain of youth.
Sparrow once again works for his own personal gain and finds himself pitted in a race against his longtime rival, Captain Hector Barbossa (played by Geoffrey Rush) who’s given up piracy and sided with the English.
Sparrow also finds himself at odds with the Spaniards, the infamous pirate Blackbeard (played by Ian McShane) and Blackbeard’s daughter Angelica (played by Penelope Cruz).
Marshall adds his own unique view of Blackbeard, which doesn’t really make sense. The pirate has almost god-like powers and yet, still needs to find the fountain of youth to gain immortality.
The movie runs along at a quick pace, filled with action-packed sequences of pirate and ship battles, as well as one with mermaids, which consequently ends up playing a large role later in the film.
Once the movie draws to a close, Marshall makes one last attempt of wooing the audience with a final epic battle sequence.
People expecting to see something new with the characters in the movie will be sadly disappointed.
Marshall does not try to change them all too much, with the exception of Barbossa.
If you can get past the fact that the movie is made by Disney and is geared for a younger audience, the viewing experience is not half bad.

--Sebastian Garcia