Response to Ahlers’ police record as reported in papers

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First, we all know newspapers report news stories and are not a court of law. We all should also know that until proven in a court of law everyone is presumed innocent. Plus, we also know that at times newspapers can sometimes misrepresent or slant stories to create sensationalism or provide their viewpoint, which may not be mine or yours; hence, we take some things we read with a grain of salt.
Secondly, thank you Don Morris, for pointing out something that happened 15-18 years ago and clears Gary Ahler’s good name; to which, in each article cited, Ahlers plead not guilty and there was never any proven guilt in any of the articles. In fact, if anyone cares to do the research, Ahlers has no criminal record at all, with the exception of a possible traffic citation within the last 20 years or so, sort of like the speeding ticket gotten by our present magistrate judge, to which she admitted receiving here in town.
Third, I find it odd that Ahlers would waive his right to file suit against the Upper Saddle River borough for which he worked (as pointed out in Morris’ letter) if this was such an open and shut case against Ahlers — makes you wonder. What this seems to boil down to is an innocent police officer finally got fed up with the politics and BS and decided to do something else with his life after 21 years of dedicated service to the community; and the comparison of police brutality cases in Los Alamos to a densely populated area of a New Jersey borough, please.
Finally, this writer would tend to wonder why old news stories from 15-18 years ago of an innocent individual are being brought up when it seems our own present magistrate judge cannot follow New Mexico State Campaign Election laws, but is passing judgment on those who break the law sent before her court room.
Reference: New Mexico Statutory Chapters Annotated 1978, Chapter 1 Elections, Article 19 Campaign Practices, cited 1-19-16; printing or publishing of campaign material without specifying sponsor; penalty: guilty of a fourth degree felony and 1-19-17 Campaign practices; circulation of campaign material without specifying sponsor; penalty: guilty of a misdemeanor.
Maybe it is time for change!

Pete Peterson
Los Alamos