Residents recognized

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By Bernadette Lauritzen


Welcome back to school! I understand the homeschoolers had it a little more rough, as it is easier to start. In either case, I hope your teachers were glad to see you.

As we start off on a new calendar year, I hope you’ll spend some time celebrating the little things that make life so great.

We are fresh off the Community Asset Awards, where community members and employees were recognized for making our community a little bit better. 

It takes a village sometimes and that village consisted of my family on Saturday night. My husband Chad and sons Chandler, Spencer and Aaron loaded vehicles, hauled supplies and decorated tables to make the night special for so many. If you happen to know them, I’d love for you to mention it.

Chad photographed every winner, just in case someone forgot a camera and wanted to capture the event for their own memories. The event just wouldn’t have happened without them.

Peggy Pendergast was my greeter extraordinaire and even created some tasty morsels for the occasion. I don’t like to tap volunteers too hard, but when I need a smile and a friendly face, Peggy is there with skill and grace.

The award-winning acts ranged from Los Alamos Medical Center nurse Valencia Jenkins and Dr. Eric Bernstein, who make weekly chemotherapy easier to bear, to folks like Jim Little, who makes lunch a bit more palatable for those in need.

Claire Swinhoe and Lois Eddleman go the extra mile to assist in the annual Los Alamos County Fair activities, especially those related to quilting. Lois also makes sure that kids have the opportunity to play the piano and take lessons.

Fr. John Carney and Pam Prichard were given kudos for helping people open their hearts, show their emotions and become closer to God, while Marshall Jansen brings culture to the community through creating pathways through education, about street art.

Brad and Cindy Smith, along with Cindy Lawton, take it to the fields with more soccer than you can imagine and Boyd Moffett and John Roberts of Smith’s Food and Drug, get to take the credit for having donated more than $448,665 to our local schools, since 2006. If that isn’t a reason to shop local, I’m not sure what can sway you.

The Morning Glory Bakery created king cakes and beignets for the occasion and the Hilltop House Hotel, Decadent Table and Hill Diner also aided in the efforts to make the evening lovely.

I’m running out of space for my column today, but I also want you to look ahead, to future celebrations.

The lovely people at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos will host an event from 12:30-2 p.m. Sunday, to pay tribute to former State Rep. Jeannette Wallace.

At 1 p.m., a dedication ceremony will be held to name their newest lecture hall in her name.

If you can attend, that would be grand, if you can’t then she would have loved for you to hug someone and think of her.     


The JJAB and the LA Chamber of Commerce sponsor assets in Action.