Resident to council: Don’t bully firemen

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By The Staff

As one resident of this county whom the council allegedly represents, I hereby request that it cease and desist the bullying of our firefighters. As Councilor Vincent Chiravalle has said, we should pay them according to the fact-finder’s report and implement its recommendations.  

The town coffers are overflowing with money, as evidenced by building our own unique bridge to nowhere, building the “high priority” downtown “piece de resistance,” a jailhouse, no less, lack of investment in improving our infrastructure, as evidenced by the frequent power outages, thus saving millions and last, but certainly not least, the latest property tax hike that provides an increment of several tens of percent to county coffers

Living in this town is expensive. However, it is one of the most affluent towns in the country, and can afford the salary increase.  It’s emergency workers who are there for us at any time and in any weather, who deserve to get paid adequately.


Victor Gavron

Los Alamos