Republicans need to quit acting like ‘Bridezillas’

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By The Staff

Throughout the Obama administration, the Republican Caucus has been behaving like a cross between  “Bridezilla” and “The Runaway Bride.”

During the drafting of almost all legislation in the last 14 months, Republicans have been throwing one tantrum after another, insisting that everything be written according to their own specifications.

Once everyone is at the altar and it’s time for them to say “I do,” they scream and run away.

Don’t these people realize what they’re doing to their own image, let alone the effect they are having on the welfare of the people they took an oath to serve?

It’s time for us to replace these temperamental and reluctant brides with candidates who are willing to commit to the general good of the country.

Adele E. Zimmermann

Embudo, N.M.