Republican apostasy, Democrat orthodoxy

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By Vivek R. Dave

Dear Editor,

Well, I hate to admit it, but I truly envy my dear friends across the aisle, namely the Democrats. They have candidates they actually believe in. On our side, however, I am sorry to say that the apostates have trampled the Reagan mantle underfoot! What a miserable choice we conservatives must now apparently make: How can we decide between Sen. John McCain and either Sens. Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton – I see no real difference. Alas!The Republicans are in a state of crisis because they have abandoned their ideals and have opted to simply “get along.” In this way, these rogue Republican apostates who claim to be moderates have abandoned the five fundamental principles that have made us great:1) Smaller government. Government is the problem, not the solution. Less is therefore more. Never ask a centralized body to do what local and decentralized efforts can always do better.2) Rugged individualism. America is great because we are a nation of great people – rugged individuals and great achievers, not the converse.3) Fiscal responsibility. I always trust the people to spend their own money as opposed to politicians, who seek to buy votes with tax money that is not theirs.4)Lower taxes. Taxes are a penalty for achievement and excellence and are therefore a barrier to jobs, wealth and prosperity. 5) One nation, under God. America was founded on the principles of religious freedom – that is to say, we have always been a faith-based culture and society. Deviation from our roots will lead to destruction of our national identity.What is truly tragic is that the Republican Party cannot field a single candidate who can espouse these self-evident truths. I guess my only choice is to re-register as a conservative, but where?Vivek R. DaveLos Alamos