Report: wind power will be viable source

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By The Staff

The Department of Energy released a report looking into the future of wind power and the economic benefit that may come with it last week.
The DOE put together the report following President Barack Obama’s strategy to take a look at all energy options for the country, including diversifying sources.
The report, “Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States,” states that with technological advances, wind power could be an economically-viable source of renewable energy throughout the country.
It states that those technological advances could be made in a relatively short period of time and could make wind power more cost effective and the infrastructure to deliver wind power could be up and running.
“Every year, wind becomes cost competitive in more states,” said Dan Utech, deputy assistant to the president. “The United States is uniquely poised to accelerate development of this important resource and technology and the report will help us continue to build on the strong progress we’ve already made.”
Currently, wind power capacity is at 60 gigawatts, which is enough energy to power approximately 16 million homes.
To expand capabilities, the report said workforce development would also be critical to the future of the power source, along with the needed advancements in harnessing and delivering it.

Ashby takes over at PNNL

Last week, the Department of Energy named a new director of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Steven Ashby.
The PNNL is located in Richland, Washington.
Ashby has been a leader at the PNNL facility since 2008, serving as that lab’s deputy director for science and technology.
Prior to moving to PNNL, he was at Livermore National Laboratory for more than 20 years, advancing to the positon of deputy principal associate director for science and technology.
“Dr. Ashby’s experience at the national laboratories will help drive innovation,” a statement from the DOE read. “His expertise in computational sciences and advanced computing will ensure that America remains a technological and scientific leader, while protecting our national and energy security.”
Ashby takes over for Michael Kluse at PNNL, Kluse was the director at Richland for eight years.