Reorganization aims to save money

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By Arin McKenna

The consolidation of two division manager’s positions into one for the new Parks, Recreation and Open Space division will net considerable savings for Los Alamos County, despite upgrading two positions.

The division manager’s grade will increase from grade 32 to 34, with a salary range of $95,348–$115,847. The parks superintendent is also upgraded from 25 to 26 to compensate for the additional duties, with a pay range of $50,660–$78,410. Exact salaries will be determined when the contracts are finalized.

The full time employee (FTE) position vacated by Dick McIntyre will be reassigned as a parks maintenance specialist I, which Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan said the parks are “desperate” for.

“There has been a great expansion over 10 years to include additional parks such as the dog parks and the RV park, new recreation areas such as the skate park, the disc golf course and the mini golf, an enlarged Camp May. There are open space and trails, including Canyon Rim. They’ve taken on the medians, the streetscapes, Art in Public Places, where they’re often called in to design and install bases, and then landscaping and maintenance for all the new buildings.”

For the time being, Smith will continue to manage the recreation unit along with his additional duties. Kalogeros-Chattan believes the staff managing the ice rink, pool, golf course and recreational programs is capable of maintaining quality without a new supervisor.

“Randy (Smith) is taking on 17 people. We may need to replace him, but we’re not going to make that decision until he gets in the job and scopes it out and sees what’s needed. We’ll see if there are gaps,” Kalogeros-Chattan said.

She believes if an adjustment is needed it will most likely involve promoting one of the current managers.

The reorganization will result in a net savings of approximately $38,000 in FY2014 and $70,000 in FY2015.

“It’s always good if you can come up with a salary savings and still get the business done. Having said that, this is more of a visionary decision on my part, and it really has to do with believing this is the best way to get the job done,” Kalogeros-Chattan said. “And isn’t it great that it also saves money.”