Remembering George Cowan

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In all the many obituaries that have appeared in the area and national press astonishing us with the remarkable life and activities of George Cowan, one important recognition he received has not been mentioned: in 2003 he was elected a Los Alamos Living Treasure.
As he was ill at the time of the ceremony, he recorded a message which he sent with his wife Satch, and the tape was played at the event. Along with other graceful remarks, he spoke feelingly of the pleasure he felt at being  honored by his home town.
He said that of the many he had been given over the years,  this award was one of the most meaningful to him.
George Cowan’a remark summed up the essence of what Living Treasures is all about.
Rosalie Heller for the Board of Living  Treasures
(Mary k Cernicek, Karen Brandt, Pauline Schneider, Jim Gautier, Mary Pat Kraemer, Tammy Thorn, Eric Loucks, David Buckland,)