Reinstate the drilling moratorium

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By Adele E. Zimmerman

I recently watched a video taken by naturalist John Walthen, flying over the Gulf of Mexico. There were columns of thick black smoke from oil burned on the surface, through which unwary birds were flying. There were pods of dolphins in the oil; some already dead; some still struggling to live.

There were miles of oil-covered water, in which nothing will survive. Unseen were the subsurface plumes of “disbursed” oil that is sucking all the oxygen from the sea, killing everything in the area.

This is not just a few animals washing up on beaches. This is the extinction of most life in hundreds of square miles. We need to ensure that this can never happen again.

We need to reinstate the moratorium on new deep water drilling. Federal Judge Martin Feldman’s self-serving injunction be dammed! This is no time for legal niceties. We also need to thoroughly examine every existing drilling and production operation and disaster recovery plan.

It will take generations for the Gulf of Mexico and the environment, people, and industries of its bordering states to recover from this devastation. BP’s assets must be held in trust by the United States until that is accomplished.

Adele E. Zimmermann