Regional Coalition of LANL Communities: Who Will Hold Los Alamos County Accountable? 

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By Special to the Monitor

By Lisa Shin
Republican Candidate, New Mexico House of Representatives, District 43

In an upcoming special County Council meeting on Sept. 6, 2018, we can expect Los Alamos County and its elected officials to shift blame and claim innocence. We’ll just ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Hey, let’s celebrate with another 28 shot of Whistlepig!

Democrats are calling Andrea Romero to step down from the House Race, but who is calling Los Alamos County employees and County Councilors to step down?

As fiscal agent, Los Alamos County was ultimately responsible for improper reimbursements with public funds. RCLC Board members had their lavish parties and trips, but Los Alamos County paid for them.   

On Jan. 17, after the County was alerted to the IPRA request, Steve Lynne assisted Andrea Romero and Henry Roybal in amending the Travel policy to allow unlawful reimbursements that had already been made. RCLC Board members called for an executive meeting on Jan. 18, to approve this new policy. They got caught red-handed trying to change the rules, after they had been broken! According to Adams+Crow Law Firm, “Los Alamos corrective efforts not only reflect poorly on County officials...but may constitute efforts to intentially mislead others and/or conceal misconduct.”

Further, one should note that the Los Alamos County council chair and vice chair both strongly objected to the investigation requested by Councilor O›Leary and former Councilor Chrobocinski. Council Chair David Izraelevitz said: “I was extremely disappointed with Councilor O’Leary’s comments toward the actions of Vice Chair Chandler and I...From the Adams+Crow interim presentation, there seems to be no factual basis to believe that anyone on council or county staff acted with malice or bad intent.”

As a donor to her campaign for New Mexico House Representative, he “further defended Chandler and hoped that after the County completed its investigation, the Coalition would be a stronger, more professional organization.” Since Los Alamos County funded the investigation, he thought that the results would confirm Chandler’s emphatic claim, “no indication of wrongdoing.” He thought wrong.   

County Managers Harry Burgess and Steven Lynne, councilors Reiss and Chandler are named in the investigation for violating state laws and constitutional provisions.   

The question is, who will hold Los Alamos County accountable for their negligence, and incompetence, as well as theft and fraud of our tax dollars?