Red Carpet leads to spring trends

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By Alexandra Hehlen

The Oscars always occur at the perfect time. We’re starting to wrap up with winter and spring is just around the corner. Do you know what that means? It’s time for spring trend predictions, and the Oscars are the perfect kickoff to set the stage for upcoming fashion fads.
Let’s take a look at some styles, jewels and cuts that graced the red carpet — and that you’ll probably see in the store just in time for your spring shopping trip.
Bohemian vibes: Long, flowy skirts and dresses — accessorized with golden bangles and rings — are back in. Take, for example, “12 Years a Slave” actress Lupita Nyong’o’s powder blue Prada gown, which made her look comfortable, unconfined and stylish.
What you should look for in the store: tops, skirts or dresses with loose pleats and light, flowing fabric. Accessorize by layering vintage, golden or silver bangles and necklaces. Think effortless chic.
Modern mojo: Many stars wore dresses with sleek, no-fuss cuts and shapes. High necklines, one-shoulder dresses, plain fabric and simple geometrical or peplum accents were popular. Check out Amy Adams’ navy blue and very plain Gucci gown, which featured flaps at the hips and a 1960’s-swimsuit-style top detail. Some critics found Adams’ dress too simple; if you agree, get inspired instead by Emma Watson’s black, gray and simple crew neck gown, which had a hint of sparkle.
What you should look for in the store: form-fitting, tailored dresses and tops with crew neck or turtleneck cuts and modern details such as peplum, streamlined pockets or zippers.
Embellishment everywhere:
Some stars defied more simplistic styles in favor of dazzling, bejeweled designs. Cate Blanchett showed up in a Giorgio Armani dress that was covered with clusters of sequins and sparkles. The garnishment balanced out the sheer, nude-colored fabric of her gown.
What to look for in the store: tops and dresses with all-over or neckline sequin detail, especially if the sequins create an illusion neckline, which is further explained below. You can also try a cardigan with an embellished collar.
Illusion necklines: These necklines look like sweetheart- or V-necklines, but are actually covered with a sheer, neck-high, often slightly-embellished layer of fabric. Jenna Dewan-Tatum appeared both covered-up and revealing in her illusion neckline Reem Acra gown.
What to look for in the store: you can find both tops and dresses that feature pronounced necklines covered up by sheer fabric or lace. Make sure that the garment that you find fits you to a T. If the shirt or dress is a little too big under the arms, the neckline will sag, making the illusion much less impressive.
Jazzy jewelry: The stars put a new spin on jewelry this year. Jennifer Lawrence wore her diamond Neil Lane necklace backwards so that it drooped down her back. And both Nyong’o and Sandra Bullock wore cuff earrings, which are stud earrings that extend from the earlobe upwards along the ear.
What to look for in the store: most of the time, necklaces without pendants are the best to wear backwards, as long as the back of your top has a neckline that accommodates your reversed jewelry. Cuff earrings come in a multitude of styles; pick a pair that complements your wardrobe.
That should be a pretty good set of styles to get you started. You may not own a brand-name gown or diamond jewelry, but isn’t that the point? The best part about the Oscars is drooling over the outfits and then finding out how to make the main elements of the gowns work for your own wardrobe and style. With a little shopping and creativity, I can turn an Oscar trend into an Alexandra outfit — follow my cue!