Record crowd turns out for Turkey Trot

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By Mike Cote

Daniel Romero came in first by a wide margin in the annual Turkey Trot/CROP Hunger Walk with a fast time of 14 minutes.However, this was a predicted time pace race so his predicted time differed by his actual finish was 43 seconds, placing him far down the list. The best predictor was Bob Weeks, who was only two seconds beating the other 176 finishers. Vikki Saga was the fastest female in 17:49.The turnout was a record and Ted Williams, race director, attributed it to the beautiful weather and the excellent publicity provided by the Los Alamos Monitor.

Bob Weeks, 2 seconds; Jackie Marr, 4 seconds; Laura McClellan, 5; Bill Crooks, 6; Amy Anderson, 12; Kathryn Beahtoler, 17; David Kratzer, 18; Vikki Saga, 19; Connor, 21; Sharla Gibbons, 21; Nancy Ullman, 24; Bill Bearden, 24; Matt Whicker, 25; Rigel Baron, 26; Lynn Wysocki-Smith, 27; Kiko, 27; Shari Kelley, 27; Ted Romero, 27; Sylvia, 28; Daniel Romero, 28; John Rees, 28; Joey Grindstaff, 28; Torlia Dreicer, 31; Jared Dreicer, 32; Pauline Flynn, 33; Bob Westervelt, 33; Aaron Goldman, 34; Erika Pierce, 34; Pat Hayden, 34; Isabelle Runde, 34; Lily Johnson, 35; Gil Butler, 35; Mike Weaver, 38; Alexander Romero, 43; Alex Alaniz, 43; John Ullman, 44; Nathan Romero, 47; Beth Davenport, 47; Janet Dreicer, 54; Zack Dreicer, 54; Clark DeNevers, 57; Meresa Wilson, 58; Cate Palmer, 58; Dave Huffenstuff, 59; Anna Wermer, 61; Stan Kosiewicz, 62; Bruce Palmer, 64; Tom Trautlein, 64; Cindy Waisner, 64; Will Dearholt, 67; Duane Marr, 67; Derek Armstrong, 69; Wendee Brunish, 75; Vasco, 75; Jason Pieck, 75; Margie Stockton, 85; Erica Baron, 86; Jamee Little, 88; Jaqueline Nolen, 88; Dominique, 91`; Kevin Hills, 93; Jolene Hatler, 96; Tina Vareen, 100; Lois Thompson, 103; Katie Fry, 105; Patty Danforth, 106; Dick Opsahl, 106; Gale Clement, 108; Ted Atkins, 108; Dave Foster, 110; Dara Crooks, 112; David Torres, 112; Ed Iden, 113; Theresa Torres, 114; Mark Torres, 114; David Coblentz, 116; Gloria Torres, 117; Judy Opsahl, 119; Ann LePage, 119; Christi Hills, 121; Joe Thompson, 123; Snezana Konecni, 126; Lois McFarland, 126; Mary Patton, 126; Cynthia Bidellecomb, 126; Pat Randall, 128; Debra Tousley, 135; Charles Hills, 136; Nole Phillips, 149; Paul Frederickson, 170; Nicholas Torres, 173; Dick Danforth, 174; Brian Palmer, 175; Anya Gonzales, 175; Hal Marshall, 176; Kayla Tousley, 190; Ethan Clements, 191; Martin Pieck, 197; Cathy Hinojosa, 219; Ann Shafer, 220; Loren Hatler, 222; Andreas Runde, 223; Tommie Jones, 223; Cathy Walters, 225; Elizabeth Atkins, 225; James Pearce, 228; Nette Atkins, 231; Cathy Bearden, 239.

Times over 4 minutes

Jeff Whicker, Donald Burns, Brent Hoey, Don Childers,Sarah Palmer, Linda Walter, Patti Hoey, Cynthia Brix, Dan Rees,Luke Atkins, Dara,Bianka Peirce, Ben Rees, David Ring, Darla Thompson, Tomasz Klimczuk, Robert Medina, Jonah Johnson, Kyleigh Foster, Sian Mills, Jarek Thompson, Mikolay KLimczuk, Jerawan, Elise Lee, Mada Joines, Petra Peirce, Robyn Collom, Nancy Cope, Richard Thompson, Jr., Patrick Doyle, Karen Alaniz, Chris Worley, Richard Thompson III, Marcella Alaniz, Ron Jones, Don Siebe, Clara Leschnitzer, Laura Whicker, Caley de Nevers, Melinda Mesibov, Liz Wilds, Julia Dougherty, Brian Dougherty, Carolyn Sentz, Pat Sentz, John Breiner, Gail Little, Jim Beinke, Megan Dougliss, Eileen Dougliss, Elena Mesibov, Mathew Mesibov, Lind Baker, Carla Breiner, Kai Pocuterra, Gaye Reese Moody, Diane Archer, Kathy Salgado, Susan Nava, Allen Moody, Gerald Collom, Katie Weinland, Lee Weinland.