Really good work by many folks

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By Ralph Damiani

As the United Way announced that it had made – and surpassed – its 2007 campaign goal at it awards banquet Monday a lot of congratulations went around.

And they were really well deserved.Jill Cook, who served her second year as campaign chair, deserves a lot of praise for all she did to get this campaign on the right track.United Way Executive Director Donna Schroeder has done such a wonderful job since coming here two years ago. She is truly a gem.The list goes on and on.Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Michael Anastasio deserves recognition for the lab’s tremendous contribution, both from the employees and by LANS’ matching grant.Incoming United Way Board President Jerry Ethridge praised LANL employees for their generosity toward United Way. And the work of out-going President Carolyn must be noted.There are so many thanks to go around. LANB and KSL deserve praise.PTLA employees, the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation, Los Alamos Medical Center, REMAX of Los Alamos, Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Inc. and Smith’s Food & Drug each contributed more than $5,000.But hitting the final tally of more than $1.7 million was the result of many givers,Last campaign, there were no Alexis de Tocqueville givers – those giving more than $10,000 each. This year there were six such givers.Last campaign five people gave at the Diamond level (more than $5,000) while this year there were 15 such donors.Emerald givers – those giving more than $2,500 – went from seven last year to 25 this year. Ruby givers (more than $1,500) went from 42 to 75, while Sapphire (more than $1,000) sent from 151 last time to 185 this year.What more proof do you want of a giving community?Congratulations go out to all and a big thanks to the people living and working here helping those who are in need.