A real choice

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By The Staff

This Tuesday, Democrats across the nation will vote in what is being called Super Tuesday. Here in New Mexico, only Democrats get to vote and they have a real choice.

We do not think that anyone can really argue very successfully that we as a nation have been on the right path for the last 15 years or so. We feel, as do many, that a change in direction, in leadership, is needed.

In the Democratic primary there are two clear choices. One represents a way that is suspiciously familiar; the other represents a newer, more inspired way.

We have had over the course of the last few years a Bush, then a Clinton, then a Bush as our leader.

We do not think that we need another Clinton -- that we need a return to the old ways, which have not worked and will not work.

We urge Democrats to vote for the future, for hope and for something new.

We endorse Barack Obama in the Democratic primary this Tuesday.