Ready, Set, Ride

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By The Staff

What is green, orange, blue, and white and has wheels? Its the Atomic City Transit.

For a week now, my friend and I have been riding the local bus system. As a summer project, we have asked many people about their opinion about the bus system. We decided that we should figure out the customers opinion about the bus by riding on the bus.

According to our studies, most people ride the buses often and will continue to use the public transportation system. However, some people question the continuation of riding the buses if Atomic City Transit starts charging a fee for the riders. My friend and I thought that being able to flag down the bus and hopping on the bus without paying is really great. When we asked one passenger what they thought about the system, the individual said, I really like the bus system. Its very efficient, comfortable, the staff is friendly, and its free.

The Transit Center, located by the Los Alamos National Laboratory badge checkpoint, has nice features. There is a house-like shelter, newspaper stands and a parking lot. The Transit Center, also known as TC, could use some chairs or a bench inside the shelters.

Some other things that we thought the bus system could use are bus stop signs where there are actual stops and more frequent service on the routes that come every hour. We also recommend that more bikes be allowed on racks.

We made a schedule to ride every single bus route, one route each day. We always started on the downtown circular route because of the location of our houses. We usually got the signature trolley shaped bus. Monday, we rode bus route #5 to White Rock. It was the most crowded bus. Tuesday, we rode on route #4 to the Mesa and Western Area. We rode route #3 to Urban Park Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, we rode route #6 to the Aspen School Area.

What was interesting for us was that we discovered that there is no route #2.

Overall, the bus system is excellent. It is very convenient, comfortable and friendly.

We recommend everyone to ride the Atomic City Transit bus system.